006: Grace: Perfected in Christ

Grace – One of the most important principles in the Doctrine of Christ is so often misunderstood in LDS circles.  Many feel Grace is only a last minute booster that assist us once we have done all we can do.  Is that really what the church teaches?  This episode is spent giving a synopsis of […]

004: Doctrine of Christ Pt. 3

In this episode we focus on Grace, Mercy and their role in Justification and Sactification.  This discussion leads us into the following podcast on Ordinances Good Works. Resources to help one study these topics Brad Wilcox “His Grace is Suffcient” – http://speeches.byu.edu/?act=viewitem&id=1966 Gerald Lund “Salvation By Grace or Works” – http://www.lds.org/ensign/1981/04/salvation-by-grace-or-by-works Robert Millet  “Grace, after all we […]