009: Receive the Holy Ghost

Have you received him?  There’s more to it then hands on your head! Might you consider the following talks as you go through this podcast and study what it takes to truly receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Elder Bednar -“Ye Must Be Born Again” – http://www.lds.org/general-conference/2007/04/ye-must-be-born-again?lang=eng&query=born+again+(name%3a%22David+A.+Bednar%22) Elder D. Todd Christofferson – “Born Again” […]

008: Defining Doctrine

Have you ever been taught in the church that – the Earth was 6,000 years old? – All native Americans are Lamanites? – Evolution is absolutely false Have you discovered some comments by leaders that are racist and offensive? Have you ever heard a crazy opinion from a leader that you disagreed with? Many of […]

007: Return to Fishing and a Quest for Loyalty

This Episode is based on Elder Hollands Recent Conference Talk “The First Great Commandment”. Elder Holland made a great observation, which as I consider the story is very likely. In his talk he makes mention of “Cafeteria Mormon”, Faith Crisis, Loyalty to God and his Gospel. I tried to give Elder Holland’s talk some background […]