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012: Multiple First Vision Accounts

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First VisionCritics like to inform members of the LDS Church that Joseph had multiple accounts of his First Vision and that they contradict each other. They go so far as to say this is evidence that Joseph’s view of the Godhead was an evolving view.There are numerous Apologetic sites to explain the differences and why they are there but this podcast addresses what are the other Accounts and where do they come from. They are included here in the resources so that one may read them for themselves.Important Points1.) Only 4 are considered First Hand 5 are 2nd or 3rd hand2.) Joseph’s selectively chose what to share and what not to based on audience just as each of us do when sharing our personal stories3.) His personal understanding of these events may have grown over time impacting how he sees the events and the importance of various parts. Ex: personal forgiveness vs restoration for mankindResources


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