021: Charles Anthon and the Lost 116 pages

This much we know – Martin Harris was sent by Joseph Smith to visit the learned in New York with a Transcript in hand. One of those individuals he met with was professor Charles Anthon. The transcript which allegedly contained “reformed egyptian” straight off the metal plates from the Mormon “Golden Bible” along with a […]

020: What is Real Faith

  What is FAITH? How does it relate to Knowledge? Is FAITH a choice? Why should it be a choice? Do we have to KNOW the gospel is true or is there value in just HOPING and ACTING enough? Is it more esteemed to have FAITH or KNOWLEDGE? Is DOUBT part of FAITH? How can […]

019: Richard Bushman describes Faith Crisis

This episode begins by discussing where the podcast is and some of the neat things that have occurred. We conclude by sharing remarks by Richard Bushman.  The following is Richard Bushman’s introduction paper to the 2008 summer seminar, “Joseph Smith and His Critics,” given July 29, 2008.For me he gets at the heart of it!!!!! […]