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021: Charles Anthon and the Lost 116 pages


This much we know – Martin Harris was sent by Joseph Smith to visit the learned in New York with a Transcript in hand. One of those individuals he met with was professor Charles Anthon. The transcript which allegedly contained “reformed egyptian” straight off the metal plates from the Mormon “Golden Bible” along with a proposed translation. This is where the stories separate. Martin Harris and Joseph SMith claim Martin came back reporting Charles Anthon had confirmed the Characters and the translation. As we will see though, Charles Anthon has a different story to tell. Who’s lying and who is telling the truth? That is the focus of this episode of Mormon Discussion. What say ye?


2 thoughts on “021: Charles Anthon and the Lost 116 pages”

  1. What the Hell? Your conclusion that Anthon had written a letter in support of the translation is pure conjecture. The inconsistency in his writing is not evidence, much less proof, of your conclusion.

    Was Anthon inconsistent? Yes. Does that call into question the validity of his statements? Yes again. Smith’s inconsistency in describing the first visitation also calls into question the validity of all of his descriptions. Using your over-reaching logic, one could validly conclude that no visitation even occurred.

    I did not realize that this was a Mormon apologist podcast!!!

    1. It was in the beginning. Slowly I became disillusioned with the church and found belief in it irrational. It gets more critical as you get closer to the present.

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