036: Reconverted Dot Org

We talk to the owner of the Blog http://Reconverted.Org Tony as we will call him, tells his story of his battle with pornography, his excommunication from the Church and divorce from his wife.  His walk us through his Leaving the Church and his return through re-baptism.  It is a great story of one of God’s […]

035: Will The Circle be Unbroken

I wanted to share a spiritual experience I had this week.  My Grandmother passed away this week.  Funeral was yesterday.  She had 8 kids including my Dad.  At her funeral it struck me the strength and the connection and binding power in families.  I am the only member of the Church in my family, and […]

034: Steven Harper: The First Vision

Steven C Harper until recently was a professor of Church History and Doctrine at BYU. He has written several books and has contributed to the Joseph Smith Papers project. In our interview we focus on his book “Joseph Smith’s First Vision – A Guide to Historical Accounts” and discuss the context, differences, unity, and other […]

033: True And Living Church

This is the the True and Living Church. What does that mean? What are the implications of that? Does it give us a right to arrogance or elitism? Does membership in it improve our chance for salvation? We explore that question and topic today on MormonDiscussion Please consider donating to the podcast as it is […]