046: Patrick Mason: War and Peace

We interview Patrick Mason, one of the editors of the book “War & Peace In Our Time : Mormon Perspectives”.  We discuss War and Peace in the scriptures, in our LDS culture, and in our views within our Church community.  Patrick and I discuss how a LDS can be a faithful, active, participating Latter-Day Saint […]

045: The Virtue of Patience

This episode deals with helping us understand the context of why our early leaders may have been over protective of information or in shielding ourselves against critics.  Instead of seeing this shielding in a black and white way we try to give some context to the story so that we in the end might be […]

044: Russell Stevenson: Elijah Abels First Black Mormon

Russell Stevenson – Author of  “Black Mormon: The Story of Elijah Ables” Available on Amazon as an E-Book – http://www.amazon.com/Black-Mormon-Story-Elijah-ebook/dp/B00DLGTX6W Or as a hardcopy buy contacting Russell on his site – https://mormonhistoryguy.wordpress.com Russell discusses with us today his his research into the life of the first Black Priesthood holder in this dispensation.  We also extend […]

043: Nick Galieti- The Good Word

My interview with Nick Galieti, host of the Good Word podcast. Nick Galieti is a man of many passions and opportunities. From a young age Nick has embraced music. That love of music has lead to a career as a performer, and currently as a sound engineer and record producer. Music led to film and […]