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043: Nick Galieti- The Good Word

Nick-GalietiMy interview with Nick Galieti, host of the Good Word podcast.

Nick Galieti is a man of many passions and opportunities. From a young age Nick has embraced music. That love of music has lead to a career as a performer, and currently as a sound engineer and record producer. Music led to film and video production. Nick has produced, written, and directed two full length documentaries on the Prophet Joseph Smith as well as other projects for corporate clients and individuals. Nick has also written a book, Tree of Sacrament, with other titles on the way.

After serving a mission in Baton Rouge, LA., Nick was married to Heidi, and is the father of 5 girls. Heidi and Nick also own and operate Custom LDS Scriptures: A service to bind or re-bind scriptures with high quality leather in a variety of 55 colors. (yes, that is why they sponsor this podcast.)

If you want to be a guest on The Good Word, or if you have other inquiries of the show, you can reach Nick by email.

Nick’s work can be purchased here

Murder of the Mormon Prophet (@ Deseret Book) –
Tree of Sacrament @Eborn Books –

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