059: Susan Swann: Coming Home

We sit down with LDS author Susan Swann author of the book “Coming Home: A Mormon’s Return to Faith” Description of her book: Susan’s story of her painful journey away from her Mormon faith and her road back home delivers a message of hope and encouragement that will help others also struggling to find their […]

058: Seer Stones and Treasure Digging

Critics cite The Church as intentionally creating a simple sanitized view of the Translation of the Book of Mormon.  But what really happened?  Here is my personal take on the Translation process and what I think is a very good shot at the real storyline.  Did the Church intentionally hide information?  What are we to […]

057: My Journey Through These Phases

Last week we discussed my faith transition model.  This week I share with you my personal journey working through those three phases.  This is based on a paper I was asked to contribute to Terryl and Fiona Givens and hope that in understanding the three phases and the real life application in my personal faith […]

056: Transitional Phases of Faith

Faith is not constant and the transitions of faith are very natural.  Today we talk about how faith develops.  We try to create a model that is helpful to those who are in a faith struggle but desire a reconciliation to faith.  We split faith development into 3 phases to simplify it and discuss at […]