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058: Seer Stones and Treasure Digging


Critics cite The Church as intentionally creating a simple sanitized view of the Translation of the Book of Mormon.  But what really happened?  Here is my personal take on the Translation process and what I think is a very good shot at the real storyline.  Did the Church intentionally hide information?  What are we to make of Joseph’s “Treasure Digging”?  We discuss this and much much more.

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2 thoughts on “058: Seer Stones and Treasure Digging”

  1. Hey bill. Big fan of your podcast. Recently started going back and listening to older episodes such as this one. Your perspective back then seemed to be much more in common with that of apologists like fairmormon. From recent podcasts I’ve listened to you seem to have a more skeptical view of things such as the plates being made of a gold copper alloy etc. I’m not pointing this out to say you are contradicting yourself but rather interested to know what has changed your views on some of these things over the years or how and why you’re perspectives have changed. I’m currently back and forth in my mind regarding these things and trying to gain clarity.

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