074: Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye: Church Culture

Today We sit down with Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye. She is a scholar and has been around the world in many capacities. She currently lives in Hong Kong. She shares with us her perspective of the Global Church, how the Church itself doesn’t fit a mold, and how each of us might benefit from being aware […]

073: Unrighteous Dominion

Today we talk by Unrighteous Dominion and all its forms. The resources are awesome and so please check them out. We talk about all the ways that we as God’s children diminsh others and take away others moral agency.     – http://bycommonconsent.com/2010/09/20/courage-revelation-and-unrighteous-dominion/ – http://www.modernmormonmen.com/2013/03/institutional-unrighteous-dominion.html – http://faculty.byuh.edu/martinsm/Rel480/Book/Martins-Lead-ch15.pdf – http://thegoateskids.blogspot.com/2009/10/chapter-seven-righteous-and-unrighteous.html#.UqctGeI_D6R

072: Garden of Eden: Literal of Figurative

https://mormondiscussionpodcast.org We are in our classes taught the creation, the fall, God’s dealings with his first two mortal children Adam and Eve. Many LDS see these accounts as absolutely literal with little room for deviation. Sticking with the MormonDiscussion Mantra…. We tear it down and build it back up again. Let’s hold on tight… and […]