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076: Matt Fradd: Catholic Apoligist


Today I sit down with Matt Fradd – Catholic Apologist. Matt is a apologist and speaker with Catholic Answers, one of the largest lay-run apostolates of Catholic apologetics and evangelization in North America. We discuss with Matt similarities between LDS and catholic Apologetics, Pope Francis, Matt’s Conversion to Christ, and lastly we speak to differences between Catholic and LDS Doctrine and beliefs


3 thoughts on “076: Matt Fradd: Catholic Apoligist”

  1. It would be difficult for me to engage with Fradd, and, as I (curiously) looked at, ‘Catholic Answers.’ Maybe it’s just me, but the tone that they speak in just sounds so arrogant that all I want to do is turn away.

    Maybe it’s just that Catholic thought is more philosophy orientated so it’s all “of course it’s all just logic” rather than a “reason to believe” approach. Of course, maybe I too it is because I have lost much of my own arrogance.

    It also reminds me that we’re just a strange minority in many people’s eyes.

  2. I’ve realized through study that we Latter Day Saints have confused notions about the doctrine of the Trinity. So do a lot of Christians who haven’t looked closely. Because of this, all our arguments against the Trinity are worthless. We’re really arguing against a heresy called modalism. Ironically, modalism is one of the heresies the Nicene Creed was written to combat. I would love to see an intelligent Latter Day Saint make arguments against the actual doctrine of the Trinity. I’m kind of desperate, because I can’t think of any.

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