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088: Raelism: Faith of the Elohim

raelIn our effort to discuss other faiths, we sit down today with Ricky a member of the raelism faith.  Rael (pictured above) is their leader and he was visited by being not from our world.  He claims they showed him how they created mankind, what is expected of humankind, and he also had dinner with Jesus and Joseph Smith on another planet.  While certainly different and even strange, much of what Ricky said had a familiar ring in it.  Ricky himself was a Latter-Day Saint prior to joining the Raelian Faith.


3 thoughts on “088: Raelism: Faith of the Elohim”

  1. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing that Bill. I had no idea about Raelism. I thought you treated the guest with great respect and that it was a very nice presentation of another faith.

    1. Thanks Robert. I enjoyed talking to him and found many similarities in the message. I have learned to see my own faith from an outsiders view and most faiths are inherantly quirky and a little weird. So I try to be less judgemental towards others. You will like the Jediism interview coming out in a few weeks

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