092: Blind Obedience

In this episode we tackle the tough issue of what is blind obedience and what is our responsibility in both adhereing to our perception of right and wrong and still sustaining the brethren in their callings a Prophets, Seers, and Revelators.  Are we indeed supposed to follow prophets even when they are wrong.  We hit […]

091: Mark Staker: Church History in Ohio

We sit down with LDS historian Mark Staker.   We talk at length about the Historical setting in Kirtland, Ohio where more documented revelations occurred in this dispensation then any other place.  We talk about the Kirtland Safety Society Bank, Elsa Johnson’s miraculous healing, the role of early LDS Bishops, the Law of Consecration, and Symonds […]

089: Charlie Harrell: This is my Doctrine

Today I sit down with Prof. Charles Harrell, author of “This is My Doctrine”.  His book takes a historical look at the development of Mormon Doctrines within LDS theology.  His books helps us first learn and then cope with the complex ways in which LDS Theology and Doctrine developed.  We discuss how to define the […]