096: Jediism: Temple of The Jedi Order

Today I sit down with Michael, a member of the Jedi Faith or Jediism.  We discuss his Faith’s history, Doctrine, and how it is often made light of but really a viable alternative to one who is disillusioned with other organized religion.  He talks about the force, the Jedi Code, and How their faith incorporates […]

095: Julie Willis: Asking Questions

Today I take a look at a recent talk at BYU Idaho by Julie Willis.  The talk titled “Gaining Light through Questioning”  speaks of several concepts that we speak of often here on Mormon Discussion and which would benefit those struggling in a difficult faith transition.  So sit back as we dissect this talk and hit […]

094: David Bokovoy: Authoring the Old Testament

Today we sit down with LDS scholar and author David Bokovoy.  David is the Author of “Authoring the Old Testament : Genesis – Deuteronomy”.   We break down what scripture is and isn’t, leveling false assumptions along the way.  We discuss how to handle paradigm shifts when new info makes previous paradigms untenable. We also address […]

093: White Shirt Phenomena

Today I talk about “The White Shirt Phenomena”.  This is a great issue to use as a backdrop for our as a culture creating rules, believing they really are rules, and in the end there being no rule that exists.  This applies to dozens of private interpretations we make within our culture and how we […]