101: Mitch Mayne: Mormon and Gay

Sometimes we assume that there is no room to be Gay and be Mormon….. but today we blow that false assumption right out of the water.  Today we also help LDS distinguish between Doctrine, Policy and Culture around this issue.  We tackle how to be more inclusive and how to bring all unto Christ. Today […]

100: Stage 4 Mormons: Episode 1

Today we have a special episode featuring a new program “Stage 4 Mormons”  Ryan is our host.  He talks with us about that transitional and sometimes difficult period of shifting from simple thinking to a more nuanced and complex way of thinking.  Please send me feedback on this episode as we would enjoy hearing your thoughts. […]

099: Jeff Lindsay: Mormanity

Jeff Lindsay lives in Shanghai but has roots in Utah and Wisconsin. His interests include China and Chinese (the language and the food), intellectual property, chemical engineering, magic (a hobby), reading, writing, travel, photography, and his LDS faith. Jeff Lindsay has been defending the Church on the Internet since 1994, when he launched his LDSFAQ […]

098: 15 ways to help

I was asked in my stake to present my thoughts on what we can do to help both those with crippling doubts find faith and those without a crisis of faith to avoid them, and to also help leader, family, and friends be more supportive.  This episode is an out flow of that with the 15 points shared below […]

097: Men to Boys: Development of the Priesthood

This episode borrows heavily from Author – William G. Hartley who wrote the paper – “From Men To Boys: LDS Aaronic Priesthood Offices 1829 – 1996” and all credit should be given to him as his paper is quoted extensively. This paper was published in JOURNAL OF MORMON HISTORY VOLUME 22, No. 1 SPRING 1996 […]