125: Reconciling Special Witnesses

We hear the Leaders testify with certainty that they and the Church are led by Christ.  We have had some leaders approach language that implies they have seen Christ.  We also receive teachings that seem to offend, sadden, and even possibly harm us.  How are we to reconcile A Church led by Christ with teachings that […]

124: Faithfully Courageously Mormon

Today I sit down with Mark (Not his real name as it has been changed to protect his identity).  He is a young man who is getting ready to go on his mission shortly.  He also happens to be gay.  He tells his story.  When he knew, Coming out to Family, and how they have […]

123: True Believing Atheist Mormon

Today we sit down with Mike B. who shares with us that he is both an atheist and a Believing Mormon.  How is that?  How can one both disbelieve God and testify of the restoration?  Today we find out.  You won’t want to miss this as Mike gives us a paradigm and framework that might […]

122: Brian Hauglid: The Book of Abraham

Today I sit down with LDS Scholar Brian Hauglid as we talk at length about the Book of Abraham.  We speak at length about the historical issues with the the Book of Abraham and what we are to make of those complexities.  I hope you enjoy this conversation and that it is helpful in your […]

121: Steve Gregg and The Narrow Path

Today I sit down with Steve Gregg,  Host of the radio program “The Narrow Path”.  He has a two radio programs, a website, and is also the author of two books.  He is a minister within Evangelical Christianity and graciously gives us some of his time.   We talk about shifting paradigms, faith crises, The historical […]