130: Samuel Brown: Holy Dying

Today we sit down with LDS author and scholar Samuel M. Brown, author of “In Heaven As It Is On Earth”.  We talk about death in Joseph Smith’s culture, Alvin’s Death, Treasure Hunting and Sacrificial circles, and unique views of death that would be strange to us but the norm for Joseph’s culture. http://samuelbrown.net/ Find […]

129: Dark Night of the Soul

Today we talk about James Fowler’s Stages of Faith but we do so using two perspectives that have built on Fowler.  As a background for our episode we use the following articles http://www.faithformationlearningexchange.net http://www.thebattleofarmageddon.com/stages_of_faith.pdf With these as a backdrop we will discuss how hard the Dark Night of the Soul is but also show it […]

128: Jeff Olsen: Near Death Experiences

Today I sit down with Jeff Olsen, who share with us his Near Death Experience and how it has affected him and his faith.  We talk generally about NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) and what we are to make of them.  Are they real?  Is it the Brain firing synapses as one last ditch effort to […]

127: Adam Miller: Letter to a CES Student

How concerned should we be with Mormonism’s historical truth claims?  Are we missing the point entirely by debating historocity? Today Guest Host Jon Young talks with Adam Miller about his popular post “Letter to a CES Student”, a response to Jeremy Runnels’ “Letter to a CES Director.”  Unlike debunking efforts at FairMormon, Miller’s response is […]

126: Stage 4 Mormons: Episode 3

Ryan Boothe joins us again today for another episode of “Stage 4 Mormons”.  Ryan has a unique knack for hitting subjects in a unique way that helps us gain insight into this Fowler’s Stage 4, that many of us find ourselves in.  My heart was pricked by some of what he says and I pray […]