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131: Short Recap of the Trip to Vegas


A short recap of the Vegas Trip.  So Awesome… To Clay & Heather and Chris & Dawn – Thank you so much.  You were so Gracious.  Tracey – I am so glad to have spoken to you and to get to know you. To all three families, you have such awesome kids.  To the 35ish who showed up Saturday evening…. God bless each of you and know you have a friend in me.  What fun.  I have not had that much “Mormon” fun in 10 years….. you made me feel like family and you made me feel at home.  I even had crab legs and general tsao’s chicken for breakfast one morning…. amazing.  Well what happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas but today we make a small exception as we recap the trip out west and push for more of these.  Short and sweet but hopefully a encouragement for what greater things we can accomplish!!!


3 thoughts on “131: Short Recap of the Trip to Vegas”

  1. I guess Bill has never heard the saying, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” 🙂 Looking forward to listen to this.

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