150: Annie Hall: Pornography Addiction

Today I sit down with Annie Hall.  She discusses her husband’s pornography addiction and their journey to recovery.  We talk about the pain, the frustration and the hurt.  We speak at length about what her assumptions were and how Priesthood leaders are unequipped in some ways to handle such issues but the cultural idea that […]

149: When We Get It Wrong

Today we talk about when we get it wrong!  Can we speak out when we get it wrong or is criticism of any kind uncalled for.   What if what a leader says does unreconcilable, irrevocable, unrepairable damage?  What if young people are living alone in tents in the winter and some who becoming so depressed […]

148: T.C.Christensen: Cokeville Miracle

Today we sit down with Movie Director T.C. Christensen and talk about his newest production, “The Cokeville Miracle”.  We talk about the movie, the research that went into it, his thoughts on the event and proposed miracles, and how movies have affected his life.  The movie releases June 5th to selected theaters and should be […]

147: The Truth About Marriage

We tackle a article from Meridian Magazine How Will Children Know the Truth About Marriage If We Don’t Teach Them? By Wendy Asay · May 10, 2015 http://ldsmag.com/how-will-children-know-the-truth-about-marriage-if-we-dont-teach-them/ she syas this – “We can help our youth discern the truth regarding those claims by giving them solid information and reasoned arguments from secular as well as […]

146: David Barker: Science and Religion

Today we sit down with LDS author David Barker and discuss his book “Religion and Science: Reconciling the Conflicts”.  We talk about seeking truth, trusting prophets, Evolution, and the Flood.  This episode goes to show that we all see the the gospel and the world differently and that just when we think we have the […]

145: Daniel Johnson: Book of Mormon Geography

Today with sit down with LDS Meso-American Expert Daniel Johnson and talk about the setting of the Book of Mormon.  We talk about what evidence we find and what evidence is really not fair to ask for.  We talk about his trips to these ancient cities and what we find their to support our testimonies […]

144: Craig Harline: Way Below the Angels

Today we sit down with Craig Harline, author of “Way Below the Angels”.  Craig talks about his own missionary experience as well as the adjustment most missionaries make from the pristine and elevated expectations to the real life experience of disappointment and feelings of failure that come with the reality of most missions.  We discuss how he […]