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156: Why the pain must stop


Today I want to talk about why I take the stance I do on the LGBT issue.  Why do I insist on a “Leading With Faith” effort to dissent with Church stances and cultural values?  Why can’t I just let this issue go and move on?  Today I explain and as often is the case personal experience is just the eye opener we all need at times.  God bless and Warm Shoulders!!!

Article on Homeless Gay LDS youth

Article on Gay homelessness and suicide

Recent LDS video on Suicide

Suicide Prevention Website




2 thoughts on “156: Why the pain must stop”

  1. Bill, I can’t thank you enough for this podcast. I believe it will help save lives. As we go through the next few weeks, I think it will be an immense blessing. Huge love and respect to you my Brother and Friend!

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