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158: Tony Fieldson: Compelling Reasons to Believe

Tony Fieldson

Today we sit down with Tony Fieldson.  We discuss his paper “Compelling Reasons to Believe”  We discuss reasons like witnesses, prophecies, fruits, and of course a spiritual witnesses.  Looking for reasons to have faith…. then don’t miss this episode!


5 thoughts on “158: Tony Fieldson: Compelling Reasons to Believe”

  1. I listened to the podcast and thoroughly enjoyed hearing your explanations of compelling reasons to believe in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well as reading the article. It was awesome! It was well written as well as well researched. I can see why your students enjoy your history classes. A+ Tony

  2. So refreshing! Like a breath of fresh air! Thanks Tony and Bill! I appreciate all the work you put into what you are doing.

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