165: Revisiting Our Bad Days

Today Ryan Boothe sits down with me and we rehash the “Our Bad Days” episode to delve deeper into some of the emotion that was being shared.  Ryan is asking the questions today and he leads the conversation like a master interviewer.  We discuss my frustration and why I in part blame the church.  We […]

164: Blake Ostler: Wise Pearls

Today we sit down with LDS philosopher Blake Ostler.  His is the author of many books including his newest “Fire On The Horizon” Blake Ostler has published widely on Mormon philosophy in professional academic philosophy journals such as Religious Studies (Oxford, England), International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion (Netherlands), and Element: The Journal of […]

163: Randal Wright: The Book of Mormon Miracle

Today we sit down with Randal Wright and discuss his book “The Book Of Mormon Miracle: 25 Reasons to Believe”.  We talk about the miracle that is the Book of Mormon.  Bro. Wright gives plenty of reason to have faith and hold faithful ground. Randal A. Wright obtained a PhD in Family Studies from Brigham […]

162: AJ Balukoff: Mormon Democrat

Today Jon Young sits down with LDS politician A.J. Balukoff.  A.J. Balukoff was a Democratic candidate for Governor of Idaho in the 2014 elections.  In today’s episode Jon navigates between the world of LDS faith and politics. He hits on the following about being a Mormon Democrat – Abortion law and social solutions – Gay marriage […]