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171: Special Episode – Bill Reel: Mormonism My Way


Today Chris Bloxham sits down with Bill Reel for a little turn of the tables.  Bill is asked directly What his Mormonism looks like after having reconstructed it.  Bill tackles the tough questions and holds nothing back.  You want to meet Mormonism’s Historical Reality face to face and make it work, here’s one framework with which to do it.


2 thoughts on “171: Special Episode – Bill Reel: Mormonism My Way”

    1. I do when the opportunity permits.
      These are the things I know (fruits of the spirit, scripture draws me to Christ)
      things I believe (Jesus is the Christ, God is real)
      Things I have faith in (Joseph was a prophet)
      Things I hope in (led by a prophet today, BOM is historical)


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