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173: Thomas Wirthlin McConkie: Developmental Map


Today we sit down with LDS author Thomas Wirthlin McConkie.  We discuss at length his book “Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis”.  In his book he helps the reader see the Faith Development Map that allows for healthier smoorth transitions. We cover what a faith crisis feels like, how other react to it, and how we might might make it work in a softer healthier way.

His webite is and his book can be purchased directly from his site.


4 thoughts on “173: Thomas Wirthlin McConkie: Developmental Map”

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  3. To Summarize: It’s all good, and this brilliant insight, “I already received that personal revelation”. Ughhhhhh!!! So pretentious and arrogant to create the presupposition that they are at a more advanced “stage” then traditional Mormons. I am a non active non traditional Mormon, yet it still strikes me as so POMPOUS!

    1. I hear you but would want to ensure your aware of how much of this development is attested to in the social sciences. William Perry’s Scheme of Cognitive Development, Kohlberg’s stages of Moral Development, Piaget’s intellectual development, Robert Keely, Jon Paulien, Kathy Escobar, Janet Hagberg, Robert Gulliech, Margaret Placentra Johnston, Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and many many more. Each of these folks speak to development and each of them would generally agree with the process we have laid out and include many facets of it in their own writings.

      Happy to share sources if you wish to read more about this.

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