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181: The Reel Story Pt. 2


Since FairMormon has deleted my interview and any evidence I have ever existed here is my story for you to enjoy.  Part Two


7 thoughts on “181: The Reel Story Pt. 2”

  1. That’s some of the most cowardly apologetics I’ve ever heard. You’re an inch away from accepting the truth and someone tells you it’s time for the sifting? Really? If Jesus showed up and told all his followers to cast out the little ones with freckles, would those who did it go to heaven or hell?

    And if the church taught any true church history there would be no time for Jesus?? Maybe they could carve out a slice in the year-long course titled D&C & Church History. Or maybe if they didn’t spend so much time teaching lies they could throw in some truth now and then.

    1. Dave I appreciate you taking time to comment and understand where it comes from. This episode was recorded a few years back and Having processed this journey further would have approached that much different today.

  2. Well, if you are running away from what you’ve said here, that would explain deleting it.

    Makes me sad that you’ve abandoned what you had to say here as I enjoyed listening to it.

    Ah well. I was just starting to listen to your podcasts. Guess that is a dead end for me then.

    1. Not sure your complaint? My faith is fluid and I am on a journey. I have had to let go of things I thought were true and wrap my arms around things I newly felt were. President Uchtdorf speaks to this very transition when he says

      “We too often confuse belief with truth, thinking that because something makes sense or is convenient, it must be true. Conversely, we sometimes don’t believe truth or reject it—because it would require us to change or admit that we were wrong. Often, truth is rejected because it doesn’t appear to be consistent with previous experiences. When the opinions or “truths” of others contradict our own, instead of considering the possibility that there could be information that might be helpful and augment or complement what we know, we often jump to conclusions or make assumptions that the other person is misinformed, mentally challenged, or even intentionally trying to deceive.””

      I would welcome a dialogue with you on why is your feeling here and what criticisms you have.

  3. It does seem like your in a downward spiral lately Bill. While I appreciate your authenticity,and that your on a journey,your podcasts haven’t been as pleasant to listen to lately(this is just one opinion I realize). I listened to Mormon Stories for a long time and rode the roller coaster ride with John and hoped he would be able to stay faithful. It seems like you are on the same path and headed in the same direction. At first you seemed to offer a different perspective, which I really appreciated and longed for after Mormon Stories and all the other skeptical places online, but you seem like you are trending in the same direction. Instead of “leading with faith” you seem to lead with a boat load of skepticism. I realize that it is a journey for all of us and that I may have to part ways for awhile as we seem to be heading in different directions. You seem to have jumped from one bandwagon(conservative) to another(liberal). I would respect you more if you would just stay open minded and look at things from all angles. There is truth on both bandwagons. It seems like you spend a lot of time in the skeptical world, and if social science is correct, we tend to end up being a conglomerate of the people we spend the most time with. Maybe take a break from it all for awhile and start listening to some inspirational leadership stuff. Read and Pray daily. Enjoy nature, spend time with you family. You need a break! Sometime I would love to have some private dialogue about the marriage issue, but not enough time for it at the present. I just think there is more to consider on both sides of the issue. Another day though…

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