180: The Reel Story Pt. 1


Since FairMormon has deleted my interview and any evidence I have ever existed here is my story for you to enjoy.  Part One


8 thoughts on “180: The Reel Story Pt. 1

  1. What?!? They deleted your interview??? Why? When? This is why I quit reading anything by FAIR 4+ years ago. It looks like they continue to be mean, spiteful and dishonest as ever.

  2. It’s sad that FAIR resorts to these tactics. It speaks volumes to their fear of open dialogue and the sharing of ideas.

  3. I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be erased from history like that! How on earth does this help them at FM? Everyone, please re-read 1984! not the movie, it was not a good adaptation. ok- watch the movie if you don’t have time.

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