Wheat and Tares: Surplus Tithing

  http://www.wheatandtares.org/19945/tithing-have-you-considered-paying-on-surplus/   Wheat & Tares welcomes guest poster Bill Reel: Host of“Mormon Discussion Podcast”.  His Podcast serves to help those reconstructing their faith within Mormonism to do so “Leading with Faith” in the gospel rather than leaving the Church. D&C 119 renews tithing in this dispensation as a commandment and hence every week Latter-day […]

190: Further Light And Knowledge

Many see no hope.  Many feel we have theologically painted ourselves into a corner.  Many see no way to press on.  Today I show we are not that lost to the hope of redemption.  We are not beyond the reach of the reach of the Grace of God.  Today I show how it can still […]

189: A Blog About Love

Today I sit down with Danny and Mara Kofoed.  We talk about how to find your inner peace.  We talk about their faith journeys and how life’s trials taught them important lessons on how to find peace amidst difficulties in life.  They hit on why we sometimes cause ourselves to suffer so needlessly and they […]

188: Perspectives: Adam Miller

Following up on our ‘Perspectives’ Series, we sit down with Adam Miller.  Adam is the Author of “Rube Goldberg’s Machine”, “Letters to a Young Mormon”, and “Grace is not God’s Backup Plan”. Adam offers his thoughts and expresses his ruminations on Mormonism and how he makes some of the difficult issues work and the hard […]

187: My Interview #2

596: Bill Reel Discusses His Falling out with FAIR and His Faithful Dissent with LDS Policy by John Dehlin • December 1, 2015 In this episode former LDS Bishop Bill Reel returns to Mormon Stories to discuss his falling out with the LDS apologetic group FAIR (including his conflict with apologist Brian Hales), and his faithful dissent […]