195: Kathy Escobar

Today we sit down with Kathy Escobar author of Faith Shift.  We talk about the disassembling of faith and all the emotion that comes with it.  She asks about my story and we tie it to various chapters of the book.  I can’t say enough about this book and its contents.  It felt like a […]

194: Trust in the Dual Power of The Atonement

On Sunday January 24th I will have given a sacrament talk on the subject of the atonement.  I have released an audio rehearsal of that talk the night before giving it.  This is tied and hence repeats much of what is said in the premium episode “Nephi’s Faith Transition” but also covers other ground.  I […]

Post: Premium Content Site Upgrade

I wanted to make you aware of some exciting news. We are about to perform an upgrade to the mormondiscussionpodcast.org site. I spoke of these changes in several intros of previously episodes but it is finally happening. On Friday, January 15, at 10pm MST we will temporarily disable the premium content on the site as […]

192: The Collective Church

Today we sit down and discuss the word CHURCH.  How is it used in Christian scripture?  How is it used in Restoration scripture?  Is it possible we have misunderstood this word?  Today I make the argument that we have.  That this is one more point we may have overstated and overreached.  While we seem to […]

191: Perspectives: Nancy Phippen Browne

As part of our Perspectives Series, we sat down with LDS author Nanacy Phippen Browne.  She makes her way through the gauntlet of what is a prophet, what does the “Church is True” mean as well as her thoughts on the Book of Mormon, Scripture in general, and her take on issues like the LGBT […]