POST: A Little Heart to Heart

My faith had been decimated. Decimated because what others taught me turned out to be “faith-promoting or unsubstantiated rumors or outdated understandings and explanations of the doctrines and practices of the past”. These things were things I built my testimony on and so much of it is not true. I had to entirely take my […]

POST: A Nuanced approach to Tithing

To the Orthodox Believer who still holds belief that Tithing should be 10% of your gross income, this article was written to show there is more to it then that. I completely agree that our Church has been very comfortable with the general Membership interpreting tithing as 10% of one’s gross income.  While there is little […]

POST: A Nuanced Approach to Race and Skin Color

To the Orthodox Believer who still holds belief that skin color is a sign of a divine curse and that said belief is an official Doctrine of the Church of jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I fully agree that in the past our Church taught as Doctrine that Blacks were less valiant in the […]

198: My Testimony

Today I share my perspective on various elements of my testimony…… Joseph Smith, Prophets, Scripture, Truth, Temples, Priesthood, Ordinances, as well as God and Christ and then I finish bearing my testimony as it stands today.

197: Talking Faithfully: Seth Bryant & Bill Reel

Today I join Seth Bryant, Community of Christ Pastor and Seventy, to talk about Faithful Listening.  We talk today about how to communicate to those who either hold different perspectives within the same faith or a completely different faith altogether.   What is helpful and what isn’t.  Thanks for listening.    

196: The Biology of Homosexuality

Today I sit down with Daniel Parkinson MD to discuss the biology of Homosexuality.  Daniel is a psychiatrist and is well informed on the biological research on homosexuality.  Today we talk about what happens during the development of the fetus that leads to atypical results.  We also visit the outward biological signs that show us […]

POST: Premium Subscriber Update

A special notice for all the premium subscribers of the podcast. With the upgrade we completed two weeks ago we have now enabled you to have a custom URL to use in iTunes or most of your favorite Podcast listening applications. Tonight we are sending out an e-mail to each of you with your personal […]

BONUS: Faith Transitions Podcast: Bill Reel

Today on Faith Transitions we are joined by Bill Reel. Bill talks to us about his conversion to Mormonism during high school in Ohio, dealing with transitions related to church history, and serving as a Mormon bishop while going through a major change in belief. Bill also talks about his time working with the Mormon […]