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BONUS: Faith Transitions Podcast: Bill Reel


Today on Faith Transitions we are joined by Bill Reel. Bill talks to us about his conversion to Mormonism during high school in Ohio, dealing with transitions related to church history, and serving as a Mormon bishop while going through a major change in belief. Bill also talks about his time working with the Mormon apologetic group Fair Mormon, and much more!

You can find and connect with Bill at his podcast webpage, called Mormon Discussion.


You can find the “Faith Transitions Podcast” at


2 thoughts on “BONUS: Faith Transitions Podcast: Bill Reel”

  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Bill. Were you already going through your faith crisis when you were interviewed by John Dehlin on Mormon Stories? You sounded pretty solid on that show, but were you silently struggling with your faith?

    1. Yes I was already into my faith transition though at the time I was in one of those good stretches. The dark night of the soul if I remember, came before that. Many other dark nights came after.

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