205: Tithing Part 1- Surplus

Today we had hoped to start a 3 part series on tithing.  In this first part we focus on validating 12 reasons why SURPLUS is the most valid interpretation of “What income should I pay 10% on?” (Surplus, Net, or Gross).  We had planned to do two more parts where in part two we defend […]

204: The Michigan Artifacts with Alex Koritz

Today we start a new series hosted by Alex Koritz former podcast host for “Mormon Archaeology”.  Today he discusses the Michigan Relics.  Alex discusses their discovery, the debate over their authenticity, and the impact this item has had in both within archaeology generally and specifically within Mormonism.  We are so excited to have Alex take us […]

203: The Life and Trial of John W. Taylor

Today we talk about an episode few in the Church know about… the life and Disciplinary trial of former Apostle John W. Taylor. Brother Taylor continued polygamy after the 1890 manifesto and even after the 1904 second manifesto and today we talk about his trial searching for insights into this episode in Church history of […]

202: The Language of Transition

Today I read from my favorite “Faith Stage Theory” books and end by talking about what to look for in a “safe” person.  These books are so helpful that I would recommend them to anyone going through a faith transition.. Faith Shift by Kathy Escobar The Critical Journey by Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich Faith […]

201: Robert Reynolds: Unstuck

Today we sit down with LDS author Robert Reynolds.  He has written the book “Unstuck” – How The Savior Frees Us From Our Favorite Sins .  We talk about letting go of trying to “work our way to heaven” and instead focus on reliance on Christ and his grace.  We talk about willingness to be on the […]

POST: A Nuanced view of Tithing

D&C 119 renews tithing in this dispensation as a commandment and hence every week Latter-day Saints grab envelopes next to their Bishop’s office and/or sign into LDS.org to pay their tithing on 10% of their income.  Yet have you ever stopped to ask what is income?  Some people pay on gross, others on net, and a few pay […]

POST: John Paulien Stages Of Faith

PLEASE BE PATIENT: FORMATTING OF THIS ARTICLE IS IN THE WORKS Stages of Faith From time to time I have made presentations on stages of faith, how people of faith develop through the seasons of life. Many people have asked me to put some of that in writing so I am posting a summary of […]

POST: Russell Hancock on Testimony and The Church

This is a transcript of unprepared remarks by Russell Hancock 1st Counselor, Menlo Park Stake Presidency to the Valparaiso Ward Elders Quorum 6 May 2012 I’m grateful for the invitation to speak to your quorum. My objective today is to tell you about my faith journey and offer up some conclusions and observations. I’m going […]

POST: Joseph Smith and His Critics – July 29, 2008

by: Richard Bushman Increasingly teachers and church leaders at all levels are approached by Latter-day Saints who have lost confidence in Joseph Smith and the basic miraculous events of church history. They doubt the First Vision, the Book of Mormon, many of Joseph’s revelations, and much besides. They fall into doubt after going on the […]

200: Finding Your Truth in your Transition

Today I wanted to reach out to the listener in the dark part of their faith transition.  I wanted to share with you things I have found helpful and things I think you would benefit from thinking about.  I hope these are helpful and welcome your feedback.  God bless you and may the Lord warm […]

POST: A Nuanced View of Prophets

For the Orthodox Believer who believes that Prophets are near perfect men who literally speak face to face with Jesus and God here is a faithful article that helps us see it is not that simple.  We explore this topic to help show that there is more nuance than that.  Let’s Explore. I validate that […]

199: Are There Homosexuals in Heaven

Today I wrestle with the recent commentary of Elder Bednar on Homosexuality. I am sorry if I am too harsh or if my criticisms are unfair. I welcome anyone in Church authority to sit down with me and others and work through the data and questions that are out there that no one in leadership […]