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203: The Life and Trial of John W. Taylor

Today we talk about an episode few in the Church know about… the life and Disciplinary trial of former Apostle John W. Taylor. Brother Taylor continued polygamy after the 1890 manifesto and even after the 1904 second manifesto and today we talk about his trial searching for insights into this episode in Church history of “Curious Workmanship”

Correlation: An Uncorrelated History (Part 4 — John W. Taylor, Excommunicated)


1 thought on “203: The Life and Trial of John W. Taylor”

  1. While I don’t consider myself navigating any kind of “faith transition,” I was intrigued by this thoughtful and for the most part balanced look at this episode in the life of John W. Taylor.
    Years ago I did considerable research into the issue of the church’s practice–and discontinuance of–plural marriage, when I was asked to help write a series of filmstrips to be used for the BYU Religion Department.
    My interest in John W. Taylor, however, results from the fact that at one time my parents lived in a home belonging to one of his wives, and I later rented a basement apartment from one of his sons, who delightedly informed me that his father’s work and restoration of blessings had recently been approved and completed.
    It was interesting to gain learn additional details and gain additional insight into this challenging time in the church and in the life of John W. Taylor.
    Having greater empathy for the imperfections of latter-day church leaders has helped me have greater empathy for, and be less judgmental of, ancient prophets such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Peter, whom the Lord used despite what I might consider their mistakes, weaknesses and/or errors in judgment.

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