220: Patrick Mason – Planted

Today I sit down with Patrick Mason, LDS scholar and author of the new book “Planted”.  We talk about doubt, the struggle that a faith transition is.  We talk about the messiness of issues and what is needed for us to better support our struggling brothers and sisters.  Patrick takes on all questions and pulls […]

219: Jerry Smith – Schooling Joseph

Today I sit down with LDS Author Gerald Smith.  He has written the book “Schooling The Prophet”.   Often among scholars is the discussion of just how little Joseph uses The Book of Mormon in his sermons, his theology, and in the restoration movement generally.  Jerry helps us see that the Book of Mormon played […]

218: Nuanced Lesson on Prophets

This is the audio from a Gospel Essentials Class I taught on “Prophets”.  This lesson gives some insight into how to approach a nuanced lesson in a faithful way that also hits on the reality of the messiness of such topics. I hope you enjoy. It should be noted in my ward the Gospel Essentials […]

217: Stages of Faith Series 4: Willow Creek

Today we begin a series that examines Stages of Faith from the perspective of other Religious denominations and their religious leaders.  I tried to find every audio discussion of “Faith Transitions” based in some way on a Fowler “Faith Stage Theory”.  Heads up some of these religious leaders are still biased and imposing their conclusion […]