223: Throwing In With Jesus

Today I sit down and explain why I maintain faith in Jesus Christ.  I share my grapple with the historical Jesus and why logically and spiritually I throw in with Jesus.  I hope this is helpful in your journey to lead with faith. youtube.com/watch?v=QeY8lndPsdE

POST: Data Points Every Orthodox Mormon Should Know

We Mormons know so very little of our history.  I felt it would be beneficial to share Ten Historical/Theological Points that Every Latter-day Saint should be aware of.  Included will be resources and links to learn more as we will attempt to be as brief as possible with each issue. #1  –  FIGURATIVE BELIEFS Some […]

222: Adam Miller Future Mormon

Today I sit down with Mormon Philosopher Adam Miller.  It’s his third time on the program and we talk about his newest book “Future Mormon”.  We talk about various aspects of the book which he wrote to his children and to future members of the Church.  What will the future of Mormonism look like?  Time […]