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Ask Bill Reel Anything

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I want to do an episode where I answer your questions. About me, the podcast, where I stand, or how I make certain aspects work. You can ask me hard questions. If I do something that frustrates you ask me about it. If you have questions about me personally, about my beliefs, about my thoughts on some aspect of Mormon history or theology about anything at all you can ask. You can post your questions in the comments or email me at reelmormon AT gmail DOT com. I will answer your questions honestly and no question ducked or dodged. Apologist or Critic or faithful listener alike…. What will you ask?

3 thoughts on “Ask Bill Reel Anything”

  1. Isn’t any defender of a stance, regardless of what side they defend, an Apologist? Why does it seem that the use of the label Apologist, which appears to be referring to the defense of standard faith claims of the LDS Church, has been given the attribute of less than credible vs. the critic? I’ve noticed this seems to be the case in most progressive narratives when the “critics” debate issues. Somehow doesn’t seen equitable that only one side of the defense is open minded, doesn’t discriminate and is exempt from bias. Isn’t there really bias on both ends to be fair? Thanks Bill.

    1. “Apologist” is a neutral term. It refers to someone defending a controversial position, but does not offer an evaluation of that position. I never understood the word as being negative or derogatory in itself.

      Any controversial topic would have apologist on each side. Defenders of the Church’s beliefs have every right to refer to those supporting opposing views as apologist. As to why they do not, you would have to inquire of them.

      Those challenging Mormon beliefs have not co-opted the term “apologist”. They have simply made use of it. Those with orthodox views have apparently viewed use of the word as negative because arguments and criticisms have been offered in opposition to their views and actions.

  2. Hi Bill, I was wondering if you could give us an idea about just how many of us there are that are listening to your podcast. Listening in has made me feel a lot less alone, and I wonder just how many others like me are out there. Thanks

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