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243: Lesson On Obedience

downloadToday’s episode is my Gospel Essentials lesson on Obedience (Chapter 35 in the Gospel Principles Book).  We talk about Obedience as the First Law of Heaven, Fowler’s Stages of Faith, Exceptions to the Rule, and most importantly our Inner Authority and that authority as the ultimate source of truth.  I offer these as examples of how to bring an out-of-the-box, nuanced Mormonism into your three hour block experience.  I hope you enjoy!!!!

Due to the lack of professional recording equipment the audio contains some background noise for which I apologize.


5 thoughts on “243: Lesson On Obedience”

  1. Fowler’s stages do not represent many of the faith transitions that I observe, and certainly not my own faith journey. Frankly, I find his research a little quacky. While I do think the stages he describes are valid states in a faith journey, I don’t seen the “progressions” through those stages, as some kind of serial process, to be consistent with the experience of people I know. I think peoples faith journeys more accurately bounce around through those states, as opposed to some kind of “progression” through stages that leads to some predictable, enlightened end.

    1. I don’t think observing the transitions of others can tell a completed story. Fowler is not the only one. Almost all social scientists have the same sort of progressive development. They may all differ or we each may have a preference but the general schismatics will be the same. While I am willing to hear what differences you have seen, I am not ready to dismiss stage theory. Too many social scientists pointing to it and too much evidence in my awareness. I think one issue is that folks often perceive that they or others are “ahead of the curve” and they were never in some of these stages and hence it must be incorrect. I think it may often be the case that said folks were not as far ahead as they thought.

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