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Ward or Stake Resource: Help Thou Mine Unbelief

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Suggestions and Resources to Work Through Questions Related to LDS Church History, Doctrine, and Social Issues

In the Church, we value truth and we value those who seek after it. Joseph Smith once said, “Mormonism is Truth.” He encouraged the Saints to let truth in no matter what source it came from. Truth is truth. In our faith we are having to do just that. In the Information Age we are becoming aware as a culture that adjustments need to be made in how we tell our story and how we respond to a better grasp of information on our history and doctrine. Many in our faith are having for the first time to deal with this awareness, and it can be unsettling. We are as a church taking steps to respond and likely have a lot of work to do, but in the meantime we must find ways to help each other adapt. Rather than judgment and self-righteousness, we ought to be humble and willing to lift the hands that hang down and to strengthen the feeble knees. The following handout has been designed to give people the tools they need to press forward through this transitional phase of their faith. This handout is not designed to answer the issues directly. To do so would take hundreds of pages with multiple factions agreeing and disagreeing over what is the best of answers. Instead, here is a surface view of what is helpful and what is not, giving the reader the framework of what may lay ahead, what to be careful of, and what to be aware of as one takes this journey.

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