Mormon Primer On Belief: The Examination Of The Controversial Issues Of Mormonism From An Objective Position

CLICK HERE FOR MORMON PRIMER Introduction: The major aim of writing this article is to display various perspectives on Mormonism’s most controversial issues.  Herein, we share the Orthodox, Apologetic, Critical, and Progressive viewpoints together with resources helpful to the reader at the end of each chapter, that the reader may explore each issue further.  This […]

Radio Free Mormon: 015: April 2017 Conference Autopsy Report

Today “Radio Free Mormon” continues with its newest episode “April 2017 General Conference Autopsy Report”.  Today Radio Free Mormon continues pursuing the deeper happenings of our recent General Conference pulling out themes and data that can give us a glimpse into the inner sanctum. RESOURCES:

Bill Reel on Mormon Journeys Pt1

022: Bill Reel, the Backfire Effect, and Healthy Practical Tips for Journeyers This episode is part 1 of a 2 part series. Today Dr. Money and Bill Reel discuss where he currently stands with his faith journey, healthy and practical ways to journey, and the backfire effect. Bill Reel experienced a faith journey while serving […]

RESOURCE: Book of Abraham Conundrum Explained Simply

Unfortunately, most discussions about the history of the Book of Abraham are confusing, filled with words like “papyrus” and “facsimiles” and “fragments” without knowing the whole story. There’s a hazy understanding that we had the papyri but then they were burned at some point in a museum(?), and then parts of it (or all of […]