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Call For Help! We need your Voice!!!! Podcasters Wanted!!!


I love doing this podcast.  I want there to be a Mormon Discussion Podcast a decade from now.  To ensure that we make it that far and hopefully beyond, we need your help.  I realize that for this adventure to continue long into the future we have to begin incorporating different voices into the podcast.  For example you hopefully are enjoying RADIO FREE MORMON which has been awesome!!!  Imagine under the Mormon Discussion umbrella that there are several unique voices offering a progressive view that is willing to deconstruct Mormonism in all its nooks and crannies and while also encouraging us to understand the the positive takeaways from living in this tension we call Mormonism.  Of the thousands and thousands of listeners to this podcast, I am hoping there are a handful of you who have been thinking in the back of your mind that you could do this podcasting / blogging thing.  We need female voices.  We need LGBT voices.  We need voices from wise souls who are still deeply active in the faith, and we need voices from the margins.  We need folks who want to record audio episodes and we need folks who want to contribute blog posts.  Email me today!!!!!  Let’s start a conversation.  This podcast has always been yours as much as it has been mine.  We need your help!!!!  I want your help and your voice.  Your voice matters!!!


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