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New Developments with Mormon Discussion Podcast

May 13th 2017
Dear Listener,
Mormon Discussion Podcast has been going strong since August 2012. It has always been the desire of Bill Reel as creator and founder of Mormon Discussion to accomplish the following things with the podcast.
A. Provide a safe space to talk about and validate the messy, paradoxical, and even contradictory nature of Mormon Doctrine and History.
B. Provide a safe space to have conversations surrounding and even safe space to give voice to validating the unhealthiness of our faith community. A space where we could grieve, mourn, and lean on each other so no single one of us needed to be alone in these transitions.
C. Provide constructive criticism and better framings so that we could all improve that unhealthiness, reconcile the contradictions, and move into an healthy grasp of the paradoxes.
But most importantly, we have always wanted to
D. provide a space that one could come to grips with the messiness of mormonism and still maintain a life of faith that remained connected to Mormonism if not wholly faithful within it.
While the last 5 years have been amazing the board of directors at Mormon Discussion Podcast also want to ensure that the podcast continues to grow into the future. In order to do that we are going to begin to make some subtle changes. They are listed below.
1.) In order to strengthen the podcast moving forward we are beginning to seek out additional voices to supplement that of Bill Reel and the Mormon Discussion Podcast series. You have already seen this begin with “Radio Free Mormon”. In the coming weeks and months you will see additional voices added under the Mormon Discussion umbrella. These voices will fall along a spectrum of faith with some voices and episodes having a more critical perspective and some falling into a much more faithful perspective. It is still the overall objective of the Mormon Discussion umbrella to “Lead With Faith”. In other words to provide conversations and framings that encourage a continued immersing in Mormonism if not continued faithful and active membership as a Latter-day Saint. this means some episodes may be more critical than present listeners have heard in the past though we expect those episodes to be largely in the minority of work published.
2.) The decisions of which voices are permitted is decided by a board of directors and while Bill Reel will continue in the role as President of the board, he will be only one voice and one vote among several board members.
3.) Mormon Discussion Inc. hopes to host multiple programs of which Mormon Discussion Podcast will be one of those programs. Bill Reel will continue to be a major contributor both in published material as well as behind the scenes. This enlarging of the tent will ensure that Mormon Discussion Podcast has the ability to flourish far into the future.
This will encourage development of fresh voices engaging Mormonism as a topic and will allow listeners to have more choices in what they listen to. Like a newspaper, you the listener, can select with voices you gravitate towards while ignoring the voices that don’t represent the space you are holding.
Feedback is welcome and encouraged. This project has always been about you the listener and in helping you to navigate these faith journeys with an emphasis on leading with faith. Any questions, comments can be left on this post on the website or you can always email the podcast at reelmormon AT gmail DOT com

The board of directors for Mormon Discussion Inc.


3 thoughts on “New Developments with Mormon Discussion Podcast”

  1. Can we have a list of names that constitute the board of directors?

    Can I be a member or have a voice (being able to cast a vote) with regards to the direction and tone of the podcast?

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