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272A: Bill Reel: Ask Me Anything Pt 1

We reached out to the listeners a few months back and asked the listeners if they could ask me (Bill Reel) anything, what would it be.  Today is part 1 of a series titled “Ask Me Anything”.  Chris Bloxham is the host today and I am the one fielding the questions.  Please check out part two which is also hosted by Chris as well as part three which will have a surprise guest host.  Also please feel free to continue to send in your questions and thoughts regarding the podcast or me personally.  I love the feedback and I love the questions.  This podcast is about you the listener and what all of us in this space need to in order to hold this space faithfully.  Thank you and may the Lord warm your shoulders.

– Bill Reel


3 thoughts on “272A: Bill Reel: Ask Me Anything Pt 1”

  1. The thing that surprised me was how you have a close friend that talks you to slow down and that has kept you in the church. I still don’t have someone I can do that face to face.

    I appreciate that you (Bill) took time to talk to me on the phone when I was in the middle of my faith crisis. I may not be staying, but I am glad you have slowed me down. I have moved to be able to see those in the church, even TBM’s, as great people doing the best they can.

  2. I’ve left a couple of comments on this idea that church is about the meaning we give it in our lives and that we should make it something important of value that can enhance and uplift our perspectives. A place where we can offer love and service and meet with one another in the name of Christ.

    Making truth a verb instead of a noun, the church will need a lot more progressive minded people that can help lift the church in to a modern era… I hope you can stick around to help make that happen.

  3. Bill, have you thought about a podcast on what the Word of Wisdom really is and really says, as far as it is translated correctly?

    What about the 70 year historical battle to reduce (refine) the WoW and then force, command and constrain it (verse 2)?

    How about a podcast on the Temple recommend questions, just a bit hypocritical for leaders and also goes a bit against Christ here and there…

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