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276: Fix your faith crisis with this one weird trick! – WOOD vs STEEL Tools

Today we read  an incredible blog post written by “Thinker of Thoughts“.

Faith crises are all the rage. Everybody’s talking about them. Okay, well not everybody. Mainly the people who have gone through them. Most other people are probably wishing that the people who keep bringing them up would just go away. They are like the Debbie Downer of religious circles, or your local family reunion.

Be that as it may, chances are that at some point in your life you (or someone you love) will be faced with a crisis of faith. Depending on what faith your crisis originates from, the experience can be quite devastating. This post is going to give you a single simple trick to fix a crisis of faith – but, before I reveal this trick to you, there is some groundwork that must be laid involving what it means to “fix” a faith crisis.

As I read this blog post it struck me that Apologetics in Mormonism at its core is no different than the apologetics of the false High Demand religions out there and that STEEL tools are rarely encouraged and seen as valid to one in crisis.  As the author here points out, if the apologetic strategy would work in true religions as much as false ones than the strategy is too imperfect to be utilized by a true truth seeker.  The end goal of WOOD tools is to keep the doubter in the Church and also minimize his doubts to others.  Since the methods have been shown to be just as useful in false religions as in Mormonism, these WOOD tools are useless for real truthseeking!

The use of the blog post was done with the permission of “Thinker of Thoughts”




5 thoughts on “276: Fix your faith crisis with this one weird trick! – WOOD vs STEEL Tools”

  1. “Thinker of Thoughts” – as a name is actually an allusion to a STEEL tool idea. Simply taking the privilege of allowing yourself to have thoughts, and to trust them – even if they contradict what is being told to you by someone in a seat of authority – is an act of liberation.

    If you take the time to listen to how some of these other groups indoctrinate their members, the ways that they get them to doubt themselves before they doubt their leaders or their doctrine is very uncomfortable. You just want to scream out to them all – trust your conscience! Keep Searching! Don’t suppress your own thoughts!

    When you return to your own comfortable pew – messages which may sound flowery and pious, but have the same effect start to stand out. Messages of “Unity” or “Humility” or “Obedience” are all just ways to reinforce the subjugation of the mind, albeit with tender chains. It becomes difficult to tolerate those messages when you see how they are used against others.

  2. Bill,
    These are fantastic tools to use to approach my friend with!
    Isn’t “Thinker of Thoughts” wonderful?! ????

    Sign me,
    Better Late than Never

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