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283: Special Halloween Edition 2017

Mormon Discussion Halloween Edition.  Today we sit down with Zach Derr and discuss ghost and spirit stories within Mormonism.  We talk about how some of these are explainable but that others seem to be beyond explanation.  We talk of myth and our need to give explanations for things we otherwise can’t explain.  We talk about how the information age has in only a few decades made us much less superstitious and much more cynical when it comes to the supernatural.  After all that we conclude that even in an information age, some of these stories are still creepy and can’t be dismissed out of hand.


3 thoughts on “283: Special Halloween Edition 2017”

  1. It was great, had a lot of fun listening to several of the stories that I did hear about. I remember shaking my head each time I heard about the three Nephites.

    Heard about the sister missionaries, and story of Cain directly from the Miracle of Forgiveness (most ironic title ever).

    Church can be more interesting if we just talked about current issues and all the controversial stuff. Maybe that will happen more with the new curriculum.

  2. David W Patten was riding upon a horse, so he would have been very surprised to find someone on foot whose head reached to Patten’s shoulders.

  3. Thanks for bringing up “Jay’s Journal.” That book scared the crap out of me when i read it s a teenager. When bringing it up to leaders and loved ones, they seemed to really believe it too. I truly believed that was real at the time, then when I read about how the original journal was embellished, it rocked my world.
    Also, any thoughts on the resurrection of a little girl, as witnessed by Zeke Johnson? I thought that would be good topic for Halloween… its pretty unbelievable, and I mean it. 🙂

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