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Cognitive Dissidents: 005: Getting Out of The Boat

Today on the Cognitive Dissidents Podcast we talk about when it is a good time to get out of the boat.  Using Mathew chapter 14 from the new testament as our backdrop we talk about why churches or religious institutions are useful and what purpose they serve and then turn our time to understanding that sometimes those institutions having served their purpose no longer are the most useful.  That at times we are invited by Christ to leave the boat in the midst of some new tension in our lives.  Stay in the boat?  Get out of the boat?  It all depends on the tension in your life, the invitation from the Master, and whether you are ready.  All that today on the Cognitive Dissidents Podcast


4 thoughts on “Cognitive Dissidents: 005: Getting Out of The Boat

  1. Now this was powerful, however don’t you think that once we have stepped out of the boat that it is now our responsibility to offer support, lead, and “be the parent” to the ship or the rest of us who stay behind in church?

    Peter never really left the boat to go off on his own, but remained commissioned to be at the helm?

    I guess we need to ask ourselves what is it that Jesus would now have us do? Go back to the boat? Or remain a free spirit?

    At a personal level I would appreciate if all those who left the boat could come back and bring new ideas into the church and perhaps some more love and common sense to those who stayed behind.

    Thanks yet again!!

  2. My apologies to Bill Reel. I have disagreed with him on many things in a very unchristlike fashion. The Beatles were right ‘all you need is love.” Sorry Bill

    • I would like to hear more about what happened that led to this comment. Would love to hear more of your journey!

  3. Nice parable analysis.
    Winds of change a blowin?
    Don’t make waves, or…
    Time to graduate from primary?

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