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Radio Free Mormon: 027: Table Scraps, Train Wrecks, And Information Avoidance

Radio Free Mormon works overtime late into the evening giving us this special episode regarding the 3:42 advertisement by Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard for their upcoming Q&A with the Young Single Adults.  Sadly as RFM points out, there is seemingly no desire on the part of Church leaders to attempt to answer questions for which there are no good answers.  In fact, they will simply avoid the tough questions and only take on the easy ones….  Which makes the event essentially just more of the same….  With little revelation and quotes like “Gone Are The Days” seeming like lip service, lets dive into this trainwreck.


10 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 027: Table Scraps, Train Wrecks, And Information Avoidance”

  1. Yes, they are holding the event, David.

    They are holding what is supposed to look like a Q&A session but instead is completely scripted and controlled in advance.

    It is not a true Q&A session. Just creating something that looks like a Q&A session. Nobody has any chance to throw questions at the apostles. They are all vetted in advance, along with their answers.

    I don’t even know if the questions are real, any more than I know if the answers are actually written out by the apostles.

    All I know from this video is that the questions they want to answer are selected in advance, which I think means the answers they already want to give are matched to the questions that will elicit those answers.

    As I say, this is not a true Q&A session. Kind of like these two gentleman are not true prophets. They are just pretending on that, too.

    The palpable “falseness” of Mormonism seems to permeate almost every aspect of the religion.

  2. I received the following intelligence this morning:


    On they had a posting about the fireside and a spot for submission of questions. The site listed all the questions live.

    Big mistake.

    There were hundreds of the most vile and ex-Mormon posts on

    I’m talking Bednar butt-love with Oaks, etc.

    Someone was having a lot of fun.

    1. Is it possible to see if there ever was a question “How do I repent?” It would have to e a convert member because no one can go through the LDS youth, mission or YSA program without having this burned very deeply inside of them

      1. Boyd,

        And yet, the vast majority of active Mormons are not repenting. They are not turning away from idolatry and sin, but turning TOWARDS idolatry, even their golden calves called “the Brethren.”

        Turning towards Christ, and forsaking idolatry is all about repentance, and such a discussion is badly needed in the Church, but is wholly absent.

  3. RFM….

    Is this event some type of PR campaign, designated as a large marketing focus group or something?

    This promotional clip sounded horrible to me. I wouldn’t pay money, devote time, or even make any efforts to go see these dry guys. When they were saying things like: “We are delighted”…what a bald faced lie.

    There was no enthusiasm in their voices of any type. Even their little chuckles sounded forced and fake.

    1. PS: Over the years I’ve gotten the impression that the leadership makes God oppressive and aloof. For example, was it Oaks who said that some things God hasn’t revealed yet, giving that as the justification for them avoiding the “hard questions”?

      The underlying message I hear (and have heard for years) is there are some questions you just don’t ask. These guys don’t overtly claim they don’t receive revelation; what they claim in so many words is that its God’s fault–he is the one who hasn’t answered the hard questions. To me, these guys hide behind this “God is unapproachable” type of wall. Its a copout, in the extreme. But its there way to say: “Well, we are still bigshots–we can’t help if God doesn’t answer all these questions; however, we are STILL prophets, seers, and revelators.”

  4. Maybe a psychological consultant told Oaks and Ballard how to relate to Millennials, so they decided to give it a try. I have to admit it was a comic relief from their stuffy General Conference talks.

  5. Help me Radio Free Mormon, you’re my only hope….

    I logged on to this evening with baited anticipation for answers to my many gospel questions. I was pleased there was a question regarding “same-gender attraction.” Unfortunately, I did not understand Elder Oaks’ answer…paraphrasing a grandfather’s paraphrasing of his grandson’s answer…”I’m not going to let my sexuality interfere with my spirituality.” What the hell does that mean? How can one avoid “getting one thing confused with another?” Furthermore, Did Elder Oaks really compare labeling homosexuallity with being labeled a Cleptomaniac or Texan?
    I did appreciate Elder Ballard’s apology on behalf of Elder Oaks. We all know how Elder Oaks feels about apologizing.

    Just as my blood pressure was normalizing, a question about how to respond to questions/doubts about church history arose…”This should be good,” I thought to myself. Doubt again was criminalized but questions (with perfect trust in answers from church leaders) are always “encouraged”….
    Without prompting, Elder Ballard brought up the many accounts of the first vision and condescendingly corrected all those that say the church has been hiding this information. He sighted an article by Dr. James B Allen from 1970 in a “church magazine.”
    I promptly followed his direction and attempted to read this article for myself. I could not find it anywhere on the LDS.ord website or my Gospel Library app. I eventually found a link to the article on (’s kissing cousin), but the link to the article was no longer available.
    So glad the church is not hiding this history.

    I am a faithful member serving as the YM president in my ward. I encouraged all my Priest’s to watch tonight’s Face to Face visit.
    How would you answer some of these questions if you were in my position?
    I love your podcast BTW.

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