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Transcript of Radio Free Mormon’s Episode: 031: Elder Ballard Blows Up The Church

Below is a link to the transcript of Radio Free Mormon’s Elder Ballard Blows Up The Church!!! This episode gives a bakers dozen of documented instances where the Church seemingly hid or was not transparent refuting Elder Ballard’s statement that the Church has never hid anything!!!


6 thoughts on “Transcript of Radio Free Mormon’s Episode: 031: Elder Ballard Blows Up The Church”

  1. Thanks for your support, everybody!

    Just so you know, I haven’t been slacking off.

    Well, not too much!

    In addition to transcribing the podcast that Bill was kind enough to put up on his website, I have put out the following SEVEN podcasts in the past two-months or so.

    10-15-17 Family Proclamation Historical Background (with Bill Reel)

    10-22-17 General Conference Review (part 1)

    10-29-17 General Conference Review (part 2)

    11-2-17 Episode 19

    11-5-17 General Conference Review (part 3)

    11-12-17 Episode 20

    11-23-17 Episode 21

    Whew! After that I need a little bit of a break!


    12-20-17 Transcript of Episode 21 (complete with cites)

    And, drum roll please,

    This Saturday,

    12-23-17 Episode 22–“The Ghost of Homophobia Past”

    And to all a good night!


  2. RFM I cannot tell you how impressed I am with your in depth knowledge and ability to get the issues to the bone.
    I want to support you with a donation, tell us how.

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