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293: Loni Lamm – A Spiritual Awakening- Part 1

Today we hang out with Loni Lamm and discuss her faith journey and the journey of her family.  She has an interesting story to tell.  Some of her story including her time as an up and coming singer and her diverse experience in place like California will take on new ground.  But more importantly the majority of her story is our story.  She puts into words a telling of a faith journey that is your faith journey and mine.  So many part of this interview were interesting to me and felt like things I constantly have on my mind being told in a new refreshing way.  Join us today on Mormon Discussion as we share part 1 of our interview with Loni Lamm

Part 1 tackles her childhood, her parents relationship with the gospel, her time as a musical performer, her schooling, and meeting her future husband.  The episode ends with an awareness that something has shifted and that more shifting must occur.

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4 thoughts on “293: Loni Lamm – A Spiritual Awakening- Part 1”

  1. Question for Lonni: why did you still want to be considered a Mormon or affiliated with the church if you reject the basic foundation (ex, Joseph Smith)?

  2. Mark, you have no idea how many times I used to ask myself questions similar to the one you’ve asked. I’m going to try my best to answer and hopefully it will make sense.
    I did this podcast back in November, I have done so much soul searching since then and have allowed myself to embrace the ever changing flow of my truth as is comes to me so my answers may/may not align with the podcast.
    Today, I give myself space to perceive church teachings differently than the way it was taught to me OR not accept them at all but this response shouldn’t mean that I can’t consider myself Mormon or not want to be affiliated with it. This journey is way more complex than that.
    Along my journey, I have met some of the most amazing individuals that have had a very different faith transition than I have. Some are able to turn it all off as fast as flipping a switch. I’m not one of those individuals. I’ve been on this journey for 6 years now and it may take me another 6. I cannot rush myself through this.
    Mormonism has been a huge part of my life and soul for over 3 decades. The “all or nothing/all in or all out” mentality in the church is dangerous, isolating, unhealthy, and incredibly sad.
    A lot would have to change within the church for me to feel safe placing myself and family back in that environment but I still carry with me the parts that brought beauty to my life and keep them alive as best as I can in my home.
    Thanks for asking Mark.

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