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Marriage On A Tightrope: 008: Talking to Family and Friends

Talking to friends and family about a change in beliefs can be difficult to say the least.  In this episode, Kattie and Allan talk about their experience talking to their families, friends, and ward members.


2 thoughts on “Marriage On A Tightrope: 008: Talking to Family and Friends”

  1. Big fat fail. Needed this two days ago. I baited myself into a conversation and it really went south. With my spouses brother. I regret it completely. I look back and realize and in the hard conversation with my wife after I stated that I needed to vent and I was bottled up. I verbally vomited on the wrong person.
    We need to do a double date.

  2. Wow, I was thinking if I ever created a podcast with my wife it would be called hanging by a Thread.

    Nice to be able to compare. I got up and shared a testimony with the ward that I don’t believe in the church at face value and that I have my doubts despite being so sure in the past, but that I was doing the best I could to stay true.

    I got some complaints through the bishopric for doing that. I guess it’s not appreciated to share your doubts only your faith.

    Thanks again for the power of your vulnerability and be willing to put yourself in the spot light.

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