Mormon Wellness Project: 016: Mistakes Were Made but Not by Me

In this episode Wendy Perry illustrates the harm that self-justification can do to individuals and organizations. “Mistakes were made, but not by me”, has become an all too common trope in modern culture. This “past-exonerative” positioning allows us to avoid true apologies and taking responsibility.  Through fascinating stories we learn how our brains trick us into following cultural narratives that are no longer relevant. Self-Justification is fueled by cognitive dissonance and we learn how this all works to our good or detriment.


2 thoughts on “Mormon Wellness Project: 016: Mistakes Were Made but Not by Me

  1. It’s hard to focus on your words when I work and listen to this podcast at the same time, this topic requires full attention to grasp correctly, but yeah human nature suck sometimes and justifying past mistakes is one of them.

  2. Nice post Wendy.

    Cognitive dissonance certainly grows when exposed to “the facts”. And, I’ve learned that if you share your concerns, pretty so the “gaslighters” emerge.

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